There are some materials that are versatile and may be used in different ways in interior design. Glass is one such material. the use of glass in a house knows no limits, Stairs, partitions, furniture, wall panels, banisters and parapets. Glass provides an unlimited range of design possibilities due to its interplay with light, reflections, transmission, colors, and textures. This variety of on-trend options enables glass in interior design to offer an innovative alternative to wood, metal or stone. there are a multitude of options when it comes to using glass in interior design.

Roof and floor glass

The roof with glass visually made the room environment interact with the exterior. This ensures that interior became more pleasant and looks more natural.

Structural Glass can be utilised in roofing areas to create a fully glazed roof to any space or room. useful in internal rooms where external windows are far away or small. Also Structural glass can be used in special cases where a particular roof design need a costume glass structure.

When it comes to meaningful design elements, it is difficult to imagine a dramatic appearance without selection of glass flooring. A stunning addition to any interior decoration. glass flooring will definitely step up the level of style in your interior.

Our glass floor and roof designs are so much more than simply a pleasant addition to a home: they offer countless benefits both practically and aesthetically. The options for customisation with a glass are endless, and the resulting impact for your property is immeasurable; they can provide your home with ventilation, lightening, and insulation – all while adding an unique aesthetic quality.

Glass canopy and tent

Purpose of canopies and tents is making overhead roof for providing shelter from weather condition. glass canopies are usually attached to a main structure and they are only make shelter for passing by. glass tents in other hand are independent structures that used for specific purpose.

Interaction with the exterior environment is one of the most important aspects of canopies and tents because they are not meant to separate spaces but just a shelter that keep the relation between the interior and the exterior. Using glass tents and canopies offer ability to adopt life and freshness of natural environment in covered spaces.

Glass shower partition

Importance of separating shower space from other bathroom spaces is couse of using glass shower partision. Using glass in shower patistion give us the ability to separate spaces while keep the area integrated beside that shower partition has several benefits like preventing water spread around and partial energy insulation.

Good appearance and versatile designs beside considerable benefits made glass shower partision, a common interior design that is one of inseperable part of luxury houses.

Glass pools

Main purpose of using glass in pools structure is adopting water natural attraction and flow for interior and environment design. It is so important to use natural elements in any design process and glass pools follow this approach as well.

Most used types of glass structure in pools are glazed window, glazed wall and glazed roof in skyscrapers.

Glass window & door

As we mentioned, one of main purpose of using glass in interior and exterior is personilze spaces while having a whole integrated area. Glass window & door were first type of glass used in buldings and with developing new glass structures today, they have become most used in construction industry.

Glass window could be used in any type of forms. based on many glass structures such as low-E glass, insulated glass and tinted glass, it has many applications in any buildings.

Glass doors also have many structures like automatic doors and doors with glass window that could be used based on different needs.

Galss elevator

Development in glass industry made it possible to perform glass elevator. Elavators need high safety, thus laminated glass is used for their high strength and holding together when shattered in glass elevators.

Glass elevators made it possible to see whole area outside through the glass. This type of elevators used in places where high transparency and aesthetic design is a goal for interior.

Beside commercial building and skyscrapers, glass elevators could be used in houses and small offices due to their transparency that make speces looks bigger.

Decorative glass

Today, Decorative glass has a special position in interior design. This type of glass devide in two categorize, colored glass and textured glass that could be customized based on any kind of needs. The vast veriety of decorative glass enable many type of applications such as decorative glass paneling, kitchen cabinets and decorative glass floors and stairs. In fact using decorative glass make spaces more alive and fresh.

Glass paritions

Glass walls and partitions balance visual appereance and physical privacy in modern architectural design. glass partisions efficiently organize interior spaces and closed areas in commercial buildings, work offices and even houses. Glass partision solutions are available to meet your functional and aesthetic goals. In order to noise and privacy control, there are kind of glasses to be used in such matters too.

Glass parapets

Roofs, terrace, balcony, stairs and other spaces for specific application in a building need to be safe for the users. Glass parapets are a type of glass structeres that being used for make these places safe. Beside providing safety, glass parapets meet aesthetic goals too and their transparency doesn’t cover wide view of balconies and roofs. Different type of glasses such as colored glass and textured glass can be used in glass parapets based on a application and customer desire. Veriety in glass supporting systems provided by Ilia Glass Processing make these type of glass structures more desirable and aesthetic.

Glass stairs

Producing laminated glass with high strength enable using glass material in stairs structure. Glass stairs occupy less space than other stair structures and have priority in order to good interior design and aesthetic. Colored glass and textured class could be used in glass stairs and based on different structures needed, suitable type of glass structure could perform.

Ilia Processing Glass gurantee best result in performing all type of interior design to achieve your satisfaction via producing high quality glass, utilizing modern supporting systems provided by well-known international brands and experts employment.

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