Glass Parapets

Glass Parapets جان پناه شیشه‌ای و شیشه بالکن

Balcony or terrace is a platform that connect outside enviroment to interior of a home. In fact, balcony or terrace enable access to natural enviroment when you are actually in your home and let you use the advantage of fresh air, sun light and other stuff like that but in order to have these possibilities, balcony should be prepared. Using Glass parapets is a common approach to do so.

Utilizing glass parapets deliver phenomenal attraction and beauty to the building, beside that, glass parapets have lots of applications such as making private area while keeping transparency, balancing weather condition in summer and winter and preventing straight sun light that could be annoying. Glass parapets are available in various types in matter of design and perform but they could be categorize in two branches, glass balustrade and glass freestanding.

Glass balustrade

Glass balustrade is a kind of glass structure that is used for providing safety. Using glass balustrade give the building such an aesthethic visual which make them useful for design of canopies.

Glass balustrade is usually performed in two style, handrails and full height balustrade. When handrail is utilized, the goal is to earn partial safety beside access to outside enviroment. Goal of performing full height balustrade is providing private space with full safety and ability for heating and cooling while having interactive space with outside enviroment.

Glass freestanding

For better utilizing terrace spaces, a structure is performed known as freestandings. Glass freestandings are independent structures built over a area for providing private area while keeping interactivity with outside enviroment. Glass freestandings are usually movable, it means that the structure is assembeled upon a railing system providing mobility to enclose the whole area while needed and open it in other situations.

Glass parapets is main asset for providing aesthethic and practical balconies and terraces. Glass parapets have lots of perfoming possibility based on glass types such as colored glasses, decorative glasses and even smart glasses, beside that, there are various structure type that could be used in glass parapets. These huge possibilities made this structure so popular for using in balconies and traces.

Choosing a company for designing and performing glass structures is most important step to do so, that is because experience and knowledge of a company are a proper guide for choosing right glass and right structure. ILIA Processing Glass proved it to be one of the best in this industry. We will guarantee our customer desirable need to be done, for making them happy.

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