Glass facades are known as one of the best facades structure in construction industry. Beside glass facade light balance and good appearance, these types of facades structure are also noise controller, fire secure and thermal resistance.

There are some other features that make glass facades so unique, such as reducing dead weight of building, easy installation and maintenance and providing wide view of outside scene. These phenomenal advantages make glass facades one of the most used facades structure.

Spider Glass

Transparency and brightness are the key aspects of spider glass facade. Glazing is fixed vertically or horizontally on main structure and fixed togather by point-fixings support structure.

Spider Glass flexible structure makes it so suitable for complicated designs. Spider Glass is performed based on two different support structure, frameless and cable spider, that suit different type of projects.

Spider Glass also has applications in double-skin facades, partitions, canopies and skylights.

Curtain wall

Curtain wall is one of the common facades structure in construction industry. Since the curtain wall is non-structural, does not carry any structural load from the building other than its own dead load weight. the curtain wall is an independent frame assembly that does not brace the building structure and only transfer lateral wind loads to the main building structure.

Curtain wall is being performed in two different types, frameless and fasecap, that offer slightly different appereance and structure strength.

Curtain wall also has applications in double-skin facades, partitions, canopies and skylights.

Double-skin facade

Double-skin facade, or DSF, is an envelope construction composed of two transparent layers that are separated by an air spacing. the DSF is a form of active facade, because it uses equipment, like fans or solar/thermal sensors. It also integrates passive design strategies, such as natural ventilation, daylighting, and solar energy.

Double-Skin Facade system is a sustainable design solution. The exterior wall is the shield between the outside and inside of a building, naturally deals with the heating or cooling issues. It is usually a single layer of heat-strengthened safety glass or laminated safety glass. The interior wall actively influences the indoor climate by using mechanical or digital devices and systems. And usually is a thermal-insulating single or double pane glass.

Unitised facades

Unitised panels typically include a structural framing system, sheathing, weatherproofing, insulation and exterior wall cladding. Today, most construction projects are subject to intense time pressure. With appropriate planning, unitised facade systems enable extremely straightforward processing. these panels are delivered to the project and connected to structure providing the complete building envelope and enabling creative diversity and a delicate appearance. Unitised facades provide added quality assurance with fabrication under controlled conditions, reduced on site labor and reduced construction schedule.

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